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Intel Pentium MMX 166 PPGA
Manufacturer Intel
Model Pentium
Architecture x86
Codename P55C
Core frequency 166 MHz
Package / Socket PPGA-296 / Socket 7, Super 7
Physical informations
Package Size 4,95x4x95 cm Manufacturing process 0,35 µm
Die size 128 mm² Transistor count 4500000
Electrical informations
Bus frequency 66 MHz L1 cache (data+instruction) 8+8 KB
Core/Bus ratio 2.5x L2 cache -
Voltage 2.8V L3 cache -
Other informations
Release date January 8th 1997
Functions/Features MMX
Sspec Q019, Q0942, Q125, Q978, SL23R, SL23V, SL25M, SL26H, SL27H, SL27M, SL2FP, SY059
Part Number BP80503166 (BOX), FV80503166 (OEM)
Collectable Variants - Normal (FV80503166)
- Box, Without heatsink
- Box, With heatsink
The cpu for sale
Reference FV80503166
Price 3.5€
Status Not tested, but should be working

Last update : 22/10/2008